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Training process Classes using Bison 2 are organized taking into account the gender, age, physical fitness and health status of the trainee. The simulator is recommended to be used during warm-up in the preparatory part of any training session and at least three times a week in its main part when solving the problems of special power training. It can be successfully used in the course of mastering the technique of motor action, as well as in the final part of the session during general physical training. As options for strength training during the lesson, emphasis can be placed either on increasing maximum muscle strength, or on developing strength endurance, or on increasing the level of speed-strength qualities of the trainee. To increase the maximum muscle strength, the load placed on the simulator must be brought to a sufficiently high level, allowing for 6-12 repetitions of the exercise at a rapid pace accessible to the trainee. To increase strength endurance, the number of repetitions of the exercise should be increased to 20 or more times, and this load should be brought to the level at which the trainee would feel considerable muscle fatigue at the end of the exercise. This mode when performing exercises related to movements in the elbow and shoulder joints, can also be used in the training of the cardiovascular system. To improve the speed-strength qualities of the exercise are repeated 6-15 times with loads close to the average values, with an emphasis on the fastest execution of the initial phase of the movement. Each exercise used for training is recommended to be repeated no less than in 5 – 6 approaches with intervals for active rest for 1 – 3 minutes. We recommend purchasing an additional set of friction elements.
  • Designed to develop and maintain strength, as well as strength endurance of the muscles of the hands and trunk.
  • Simulator Bison-2 – refers to the friction trainers of a new generation. Its most important feature is the provision of physical activity to the movement of the hands of the trainee.
  • It is designed to develop and maintain strength, as well as strength endurance of the muscles of the arms and trunk. At intensive performance of exercises the effective training of cardiovascular and some other systems of an organism is provided.
  • Bison-2 can be used both independently and as an addition to the Bison-1M simulator, providing an effective load of the finger movement and introducing new exercises for the muscles that provide the movement of the shoulder girdle.
  • Especially effective use of this simulator in the process of special training of bodyguards, guards, special forces personnel, as well as in the process of physical rehabilitation of persons who have suffered from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.