About Bison 1

After a long great research lead by a Belarusian Scientist who is presently a Ph.D, Dean of the Biomechanics Department at the Belarusian State University Of Physical Culture, Dr. Nikolai Sotsky spent his life journey studying the best solutions in developing the right sport device that will make the entire body moves targeting the forearm power.

And today a Generation-Next device was born addressing the entire society!



“Bison-1M” is often referred to as a “gym in a bag”. It is the first forearm exerciser device that allows 3D movements simulating the biomechanics of human joints and the first device in the world that exceeds over a 100 000 types of exercises.

“Bison-1M” move the entire 30 forearm muscles and other upper-body, which involved in a strength-training workout simultaneously.

“Bison-1M” is designed for forearm and arm muscle strength training with a simultaneous accent on cardiovascular system training.

“Bison -1M” Main advantage is its ability to provide freedom of exercise variations, giving it a more natural effect versus the basic dumbbell or other weightlifting forearm strength workouts at the gym, where you are almost always given one or two directions of motion.

Another advantage is that during the regular arm and forearm workouts at the gym, the motion direction is only determined by the construction of given machine, while “Bison-1M” gives more forearm and wrist motion freedom, involves even the most neglected deeper forearm muscles by allowing to implement the same type of exercise in different positions and with different ways of holding the equipment’s handles, thus, more thorough wrist and forearm muscle tension.

The result of such forearm workout is 5 to 7 times more efficient when focusing on muscle strength, leading to considerable decreases in chances of arm injuries in joints, muscles, and tendons. The original design of “Bison-1M” was built on what we learned back in school-basic forces of friction. As a result we managed to practically eliminate the motion momentum, gravity inertia, and returning to starting position motions (which waste 50% of the workout-unnecessary time and energy loss)-the third advantage. The simple and yet genius design of the forearm equipment offers a wide range of load resistance and resistance variations depending on the speed of strength training exercises.

These unmatched advantages are what is keeping “Bison-1M” exerciser ahead of the forearm strength training race-there is no other exerciser that can match the simplicity of operation, portability, freedom of movement, flexibility of a training environment, and of course, as an outcome of all that-efficiency and unbeatable results.


Sotsky’s exerciser “Bison-1M” is intended for developing and maintaining muscle strength of the arms, shoulders, and body. It allows training for the physical and cardiovascular systems. It can be applied to maintain physical fitness, and to train the arms for special activities, such as special purpose military forces, security, body guarding training, etc.

High performance may be achieved when “Bison-1M” is used for physical training at schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, and for motor accident rehabilitation. The small size, weight, and easily adjustable range of loads provide for high performance training. The “Bison-1M” can be used in-group sessions or on an individual basis in the gym, home, office, and business trip. Essentially the “Bison-1M” is your gym in a bag”!



The exerciser consists of two spherical hinges, each comprising a fixing ring (1) with an inside ball (2). The balls go through the rods (3) and are rigidly connected with the handles (4). The fixing rings, which have threading on their external surfaces, are screwed onto a coupling bush (5), which has the same threading on its internal surfaces. Friction elements (6) are located between the balls and bush-ends. Lock-nuts (7) and a holder (8) secure the rings in the necessary position on the external surface of the coupling bush.

bison-cut bison-design



  • “Bison-1M” exerciser allows free all-directional motions, creating more natural muscle workout effect. As a result, he forearm muscles develop five to seven times faster and more efficiently.
  • “Bison-1M” does not require special training atmosphere, due to its size-2x2x18 in, and weight-3.3 lbs. The exerciser can be easily placed inside a brief case and can be used during vacations, business trip, and office work, while watching TV or waiting in a traffic jam.
  • Variations of load adjustment options allow anyone to use the “Bison-1M”. All professional sportsmen, people, who not involved in sports, disable, children, rehabilitation center patients, in order to restore muscular performance in wrists and forearms.
  • “Bison-1M” exerciser is very easy to use. It will take a minute to understand the adjustment, dismantling and assembling procedures.
  • The resistance is generated through friction forces. The exerciser engages a friction system inside, that’s why its users are not required to deal with inertia of weights, or other weightlifting devices like dumbbells and barbells, being a negative factor in muscle training efficiency. Besides, it is unpractical to scatter your energy. For example, 10 times lifting of the weights up must be alternated with 10 times bringing them down. This is a waste of strength, energy, and fatigue. You never deal with this problem here by applying the same load equally with much higher efficiency. In addition, the device presents no chances of accidental injury during the workout.
  • With “Bison-1M” you can make over 100 000 exercises for strength of arms, forearms, wrists, fingers and for cardiovascular system training. Anyone can create an individual set of exercises for optimal and fast progress.
  • “Bison-1M” provides ability for a full range of wrist motions, which helps simulate any type of natural wrist movement, and combined with smooth resistance adjustment feature, It allows to train wrist, forearm muscles, and grip along the full amplitude of motion. The same ability for full range of motion provides muscle and tendon stretching during the workout. Exerciser can also be used in warm-ups and stretching for grip, wrist, and forearm dynamic stretching. Flexibility is also one of the core factors in strength training, and dramatically decreases chances of injuries during intense activities involving lower arms.
  • Due to the all-directional movement, the trainee is able to co-train up to 30 different muscles simultaneously, from different angles, and along their full length. Thus, as compared to traditional training devices and exercises, idle muscles are also involved during forearm training with “Bison-1M”. Due to the all-directional movement, it helps to train the forearm muscles along their full length and from different angles! This is one of the core factors in strength training; as muscles must be trained to the fullest extend for maximum engagement to get them ready for the maximum range of activities.

“Bison-1M” simulates natural movements of a human body, presenting a fundamental principle of biomechanics and kinesiology: “Similar develops similar”. The easy mechanism of load adjustment allows the ability to work on all possible joint movements in all three dimensions, while exercising with “Bison-1M”, you will be in full control of your motion directions and load resistance, thus, precisely controlling the energetic tension of the exercises performed. As a result of the personal custom exercises, you will be able to work deeper and smaller muscles and tendons that are almost always neglected by other arm exercises, or regain functionality in your lower arm after a big injury. It is in fact the deeper muscles and tendons that give you functional muscle and joint strength, versus the general strength gained at the gym.

Functional strength is much more important than general in sports and everyday performance. Functional strength allows safely perform a wide range of motions requiring considerable muscle strength. Think of it as UFC versus classical “no-contact” Karate, running versus walking, three dimensions versus two dimensions, performance versus looks…in simple terms it is just much more effective and efficient!

The strength exerciser “Bison-1M” differs considerably from the traditional methods of exercising. The results of forearm strength training with “Bison-1M” are shown on the pictures below. These are not visual effects or tricks; these nails are eight inches long and a quarter-inch thick, tied into complicated knots with bare hands. 99.5% percent of the world population are not able to even slightly budge them, not even talking about tying knots like these. The first knot got a name of the Sotsky’s knot, and is made by Nikolai Sotsky, while the other two were given to him, as souvenirs, by other users of “Bison-1M”. Although you may never be attacked by a pair of such nails in real life, it is a demonstration of how strong your grip, wrists, and forearms become after training with “Bison-1M”!