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Do You Want to Know About a Unique Arm Exerciser, Used by Special Force and Olympic Athletes?
The Bison-1, recognized through numerous awards at international exhibitions around the world, is best known as an innovative and efficient forearm/grip exerciser. Functional strength training with the Bison provides a basic foundation for gains in overall muscular strength. This easy to use piece of equipment has adjustable resistance generated through friction forces meeting a variety of training needs. Simply increase the resistance as your strength improves!

ATTENTION! Since 2015 the new modification of the exerciser “Bison-1” is being taken out to market.The patented system of fixation of load removes radically a problem of jamming of lock-nuts and provide with easiness anregulation resistance.

Sotsky’s exerciser “Bison-1Deluxe” is intended for developing and maintaining muscle strength of the arms, shoulders, and body. It allows training for the physical and cardiovascular systems. It can be applied to maintain physical fitness, and to train the arms for special activities, such as special purpose military forces, security, body guarding training, etc.

This is the NEW UPGRADED version with WOODEN HANDLES, being taken to market after Bison 1M and Bison 1Classic!